M/s Sardar Enterprises, an entity of Sardar Group of Companies, take immense pride to be associated with Major Banks of Pakistan including MCB Bank Limited, NBP Bank, Bank Al Falah, Habib Bank Limited etc providing professional services and enjoys a long standing reputable business relationship with them that stretches to over decades. M/s Sardar Enterprises being a vibrant A Class Valuation company, has been enlisted and approved by Pakistan Bank’s Association (PBA), for all its 3 panels i.e Land, Building, Machinery, Stocks, and territory allocated to us as the four provinces of Pakistan including Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Our Valuation Services constitute large portion of our business, where we act as an Assets Surveyor / Valuer on valuation assignment being handed over to us by the client i.e. Banks, Leasing Companies, Corporate and Individuals.

The team at M/s Sardar Enterprises comprises of young intellectuals, professional and executive whom have years of vast expertise and experience in conducting valuation services that include the following

Residential Valuation


We are largely recognized being A Class Vibrant Valuation company in the evaluating of Housing Projects, Apartments, Towers and Plots. We offer our specialist ideas and suggestion to our clients and posses one of the most equipped, professional team of Residential Valuers & Surveyors.

Commercial Valuation


We posses the ability to assess the value of Commercial entities, we simply try our proven methods i.e Comparable Method of Property Valuation or Valuing Commercial Property using the Profits Method. As a leading independent property valaution specialists we offer our expert advice and support to clients across our specialist areas of expertise helping them to achieve their investment objectives.

Vehicle Valuation

Vehicle Valuation

Valuation of Vehicles is important to leasing companies in order to avoid lossess as well as for people who are buying the vechiels at an appropriate price, hence we step in by providing the relatable market value of the vehicle by analysing it thoroughly, checking each and every aspect of the vehicle before providing an indept analysis to our clients.

Equipment, Machinery & Plant Valuation

Equipment & Plant Valaution

Our team has wide-ranging experience in valuing commercial, industrial and public utilities, as well as offering professional advice on different kind of plants, machinery and equipments. Our team offers a variety of technical advisory services to owners and investors. Other services we deliver include mortgage valuations, equipment verification and fixed asset identification. Our valuation and advisory services cover all fixed assets in different trades and industries, ranging from a simple buildings, its machinery and equipment to more complex manufacturing processes

Business, Plots & Assets Valuation

Business, Plots & Assets Valuation

Business, Plots & Assets Valuation. Business & Assets valuation can be a complicated subject. Numerous methods exist and there is no hard and fast way of arriving at a valuation for a business. Examples of methods employed to value a business include: Assets Based, Market Approaches, Income Based Valuation. As such, our experienced team utilize their vast knowledgebase and provide an indepth detailed examination of our findings to satisfy the needs of our customers and clients.

Commodities and Stock Valuation

Commodities and Stock Valuation.

We acts as stocks Inspectors / Surveyors, appointed by the Banks or Financial Institutions to conduct Inspections and valuations to assess, determine and verify the quantity, quality and value of the stocks already Pledged or Hypothecated under any other financial consideration. The prime objective of stocks valuation is to ensure that the Banks / Financial Institutions’ financial risk or interest into the subject stocks is safe and secure.

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