M/s Sardar Enterprises acts as a Muccadum / Custodian / Overseer of the Major Bank's of Pakistan / Financial Institutions consisting of various type of stocks pledged with those institutions under Pledge Financing agreements with the borrowers that mainly are major enterprises dealing with the trade and manufacture of Stocks / Goods that includes Steel, Wheat, Sugar, Iron, Metal etc with export goods included in the list

Sardar Group also have a vibrant & professional team of Engineers, Architects, IT Professionals, Surveyors, Inspectors whom are efficient and hardworking personals. Our Team have a vast experience and always try to providie excellent services, coordinating professionally with each other on all matters of Muccadamship and Valuation, our business model expands to major cities, districts on country wide basis.The system managed and supervised by highly profesional team always ensures that the pledged stocks are strictly supervised and accuratly reports all the matters, which in turn helps us to safeguard Banks’ interest from both legal and practical perspective.

Sardar Enterprises along with M/s Tariq Sardar Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, its Propertirship concern branch, as Muccadum / Custodian of stocks / assets has managed stocks and assets with the value in excess of 1500 Million covering 90% of banking industry for its large number of SMEs and medium to large corporates including many prestigious borrowers with the likes of M/s Meskay & Femtee Trading Pvt Ltd, M/s Irfan Noman Bernas Pvt Ltd , M/s Tata Textile Mill while in the Shipbreaking Industry, M/s Sardar Enterprises has supervised Meezan Ship Breaker, Usman Enterprises, Imran Ship Breaker.

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